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5 years 1 month ago #2323 by Beevo
Suggestion for Video Tutorial was created by Beevo

Firstly, thank you for an extension that 'hits the nail on the head' and satisfies a lot of needs in one go. I have just installed it and for the most part everything was smooth running. I just fell at the hurdle within creating a product, when it came to adding tracks and previews. I will read the manual and get a handle on it no doubt.

May I respectfully suggest you/someone make a video tutorial of the installation and set up.
Installation is straight-forward enough but a video on adding a category (done that) and sub category (done that) and adding a product (done that but couldn't add tracks with preview)

It is SO much easier to follow a video than documentation and the easier it is to set something up the more buyers you will have.

The other (I'm sure this is simple but I couldn't fix it) thing was that when I chose as the menu item "Mymuse Category plus sub category" I couldn't see how to get rid of ROOT as the base category and also to not show the text 'Subcategories'.

Again all this would be covered in a handy little video covering the basics

Thank you.

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