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6 months 2 weeks ago #3131 by Platel
Hello Gordon

Now I think that the MyMuse part of my bi-lingual musical website is almost ready to be published, but there is still a question about the related items that are displayed at the bottom of the product selection page. How to define them or how not to display them? I can't find this in the documentation. Particularly some unpublished products may appear there when they are no t yet to be seen by the purchasers.


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6 months 1 week ago #3132 by gfisch
Replied by gfisch on topic Related items in product selection page
Hi Charles;

There are a couple ways ti hide that.
1) Using CSS: the recommends are in a div with id='mymuse-container-wrap'.
So adding this to your CSS should hide it
#mymuse-container-wrap {
  display: none;

2) Using the templates. If you have copied the views into templates//your-template/html/com_mymuse/
there are two spots
Where you can delete or comment out the code.
If you use the component's templates (would get overwritten with an upgrade) they are in

Hope that helps!

El Gordo
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