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I am horribly confused

10 years 1 month ago #120 by Baldur2630
I am horribly confused was created by Baldur2630
So far, I love this program, but I'm horribly confused. If I explain what I want to do, perhaps someone can help me a bit.

I have stacks of Guitar Music; Shadows, Spotniks etc as well as lots of songs that I've made Backing Tracks and Guitar Pro Tablature for.

I want to offer the Albums of Songs on CD which if you REALLY want to buy a CD, you pay and we post, BUT, you can download each tracks for FREE and make your own CD.

Let's handle this first.

I setup two artists and I'm nor sure if it's Catalogs or Categories because the two terms are used to (I think) mean the same thing. I setup Songs and Backing Tracks.

Mow I want to create an Album (in this case a CD with about 15 Tracks).
Next I want to create the Tracks on that particular Album, with a preview (of the entire song) and the visitor can download all the tracks he likes for free in the same way that we downloaded the Module from your site.

All my attempts so far have given me an Artist name and a Album name of the left of the page one for every track, but no matter which of the 15 Album names I select, I get all the tracks.

I'm obviously doing something horribly wrong. It won't help to try to move onto the other things I want to do until I get this right!

Please help

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10 years 1 month ago #124 by gfisch
Replied by gfisch on topic Re: I am horribly confused

In order to offer flexability for sites with multiple artists and multiple ways to catalog them, MyMuse sets up two 'sections' for artist and catalog.
The catalog could have categories like Blues, Funk, Hip Hop or it could be 2009, 2010 or it could be Latest Releases, Prize Winners. The artist section will generally save for artists names.

If you are a solo artist just make one category under the artist section with your name and one category under the catalog section called MyMusic.

For your specific problem, I am not sure what you have done. We could help you set it up.

El Gordo

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