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Global default settings for menu types which display products in different layouts and formats.

How To Access

To access this screen:


This screen is where you can set global defaults for menu items that display products. These default values will be used when you select "Use Global" for an option in a products menu item. For example, if you normally want to show the Create Date for an Product in your Products menu items, then set that option to "Show" here and it will be the default value. You do not need to set any of these options. You can adjust them them by menu.

Product options are divided into eight groups as follows. Each controls the appearance of the listed type of layout.




At the top left of the Options screen you will see the toolbar.


The functions are:



Form Fields

Products Options

Product Options control how an Product will show in a Single Product menu item or when coming from a menu of type Categories or Category.
If a menu item exists for the product, then that menu's options will take precedance.




Categories Options

Categories Options control the display of the List All Categories menu item.



Category Pages Options

Category Options control how Products will show when you drill down to a Category to view its Products.




Blog / Column / Featured Layout Options

These options control the layout of the Category Blog and Featured Products layouts.

Product 1 1 (continued)
Product 2 Product 4
Product 3 Product 5
  • Across: Order Products going across the columns and then back to the first column, for example:
Product 1 1 (continued)
Product 2 Product 3
Product 4 Product 5



List Layout Options

These options control the appearance of the Category List layout.

The possible options for this (in the back-end menu item edit) are shown below.
  • Hide: Don't show a filter field.
  • Title: Filter on Product title.
  • Author: Filter on the author's name.
  • Hits: Filter on the number of Product hits.
  • Release Date: The release date of the albums
  • Hide: Don't show any date.
  • Created: Show the created date.
  • Modified: Show the date of the last modification.
  • Created: Show the start publishing date.



Shared Options

These options are shared by a number of the Products menu item types.




 Integration Options

These options control the display of news feeds. The View must have a view.feed.php file to provide the feed.




Live Updates

Enter your username password from the MyMuse site to enable downloads of new versions. You can also log in to the site and download them directly.



Permissions. Only apply to back-end groups. MYMUSE DOES NOT ALLOW FRONT END EDITING AT THIS TIME

This section lets you set up the default ACL permissions for all Products in all categories. These permissions may be overridden for specific categories and for specific Products.


To change the permissions, do the following.

  1. Select the Group by clicking its title.
  2. Find the desired Action. Possible Actions are:
    Configure. Users can access this screen (Product Manager→Options).
    Access Administrative Interface. Users can access the Product Manager.
    Create. Users can create new Products.
    Delete. Users can delete Products.
    Edit. Users can edit the contents of Products.
    Edit State. User can change the published state and related information for Products.
    Edit Own. User can edit the content or published state for Products that this user created.
  3. Select the desired permission for the action you wish to change. Possible settings are:
    Inherited. Inherited for users in this Group from Global Configuration.
    Allowed. Allowed for users in this Group. Note that, if this action is Denied at one of the higher levels, the Allowed permission here will not take effect. A Denied setting cannot be overridden.
    Denied. Denied for users in this Group.
  4. Click Save. When the screen refreshes, the Calculated Setting column will show the effective permission for this Group and Action.

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