MyMuse comes with several types of plugins.

Under Mymuse there are  plugins for payments, shipping, discounts, orders, shoppergroup, audio previews, video previews, social share and a vote plugin.

Under User there are plugins for shopper profiles and redirect to cart.

Under Search there is a search plugin.

MyMuse Plugins Screenshot

plugins mymuse

Payment Plugins

Pay Offline

You can offer the option to pay offline, and confirm the order when the payment arrives, by publishing this plugin.



Payment PayPal

 Offer an option to pay at PayPal by publishing this plugin.




Payment PayPal Pro (Direct Payment)

The customer enters their credit card information on your site. The payment to Paypal is made "behind the scenes" and customers are redirected to the thank you page.

 plugin payment paypalpro



Payment PayPal Express Checkout

The custoemnr is sent to Paypal to login in, check their account such as shipping address. Payment is made "behind the scenes" from their PayPal account and they are redirected to the thank you page.

plugin payment paypalexpress


Payment Moneybookers

 Offer an option to pay at MoneyBookers by publishing this plugin.




Payment Monsterpay



Payment PayUnity

plugin payment payunity





Payment Payfast




Virtual Merchant



Shipping Plugins

Shipping Standard

plugin shipping standard options




Options: Set up to three different shipping choices to present the customer. Each one has the following options.


Shipping Price


Options: Charge a percentage of the total or a fixed amount, when the price falls between different ranges.
Up to 12 ranges per shipper..

Shippers: define up to 8 Shippers.

plugin shipping price shipper



Audio Previews

 Note that we try to offer three types of views with each audio player: one player for each, one player for all and playlist. This type can be set globally in the component Options and set individually by menu.

Audio HTML5

Use JPlayer to present your previews using HTML5. For browsers that do not support your previews it will fall back to a flash player. We suggest you upload mp3 and ogg versions of your previews to cover almost all browsers, the rest should be able to play the flash version. More information on HTML5 is available here. The Jplayer can be styled using css files in plugins/mymuse/audio_html5/skins



The JPlayer


Audio MP3 Player DewPlayer

A Flash player from Alsa Creations.


There are no options with this player.

Playlist example.

plugins mp3 dewplayer


Audio MP3 Player Flowplayer

Flash from There ae many options available for anyone who wants to edit the javascript in plugins/mymuse/mp3player_flowplyer/mp3player_flowplayer.php



plugins audio flowplayer player 

Video Previews: 

Video HTML5



The JPlayer video player



Video Flash Player DewPlayer DewTube

To have a 'poster' of the movie, the graphic that displays before the movie is played, you must save the image at the same size as the movie
and save it to the same preview directory the movie is in. Example: movie is images/A_MyMusePreviews/nature/lakes/lake_scene.flv, save the track 'Detail Image' as



Screenshot with the menu's Product Options->'Player Type set to "Playlist"

plugin video dewplayer player


Video Flash Player Flowplayer



Screenshot with the menu's Product Options->'Player Type set to "One Player For Each".

plugins video flowplayer player












User Plugins:


User MyMuse Profile



There are two groups of fields: one for Registration and admin user forms, the other for the Profile Edit Form.
Fields can be Required, Optional or Disabled.

Special fields are:


User - MyMuse No Registration Profile



There are two groups of fields: one for Registration and admin user forms, the other for the Profile Edit Form.
Fields can be Required, Optional or Disabled.

Values are saved in the Notes section of orders.


Redirect on Login


Enable or not.



MyMuse Search



MyMuse Social Share is a component plugin that implements the Facebook Like, Facebook send , Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin, PinIt, Stumbleupon, Addthis, VK Like and VK Share buttons inside the MyMuse pages.

There are options for each social media. You can order the buttons with the Button Position options.

To use the VK Like button you must go to their site and create a web application. Copy the VK Application ID to here.


Direction Support: Left to Rigth or Right to Left

Position: One of Above Item Header, Below Item Header, Above Product, Above Item Comment.

Display on Category: Yes or No to display on Category pages.

Exclude Categories id: comma separated list of categories to exlude (Display on Category must be set to Yes)..

Exclude Product id: comma separated list of product ids to exclude.

plugin mymuse socialshare


 Discount Plugin

You can offer discounts based on the number of units in the Cart or the Total amount of the cart, with different discounts for up to 12 ranges.

PLEASE NOTE: the discount plugin has only been tested on PayPal, PayPal Pro and PayPal express. If you are using another payment plugin let us know.

plugin discount