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About MyMuse

MyMuse for Joomla!

By musicians for musicians, MyMuse is a software for Joomla! users that allows anyone to showcase and sell music with a personal touch..

MyMuse is an easy-to-use software that allows all artists to market and sell their music. Do you have a band whose music needs a selling outlet? Are you an online distributor looking for a new and fully customizable way to sell your catalogue? MyMuse features numerous ways to exhibit your products while providing a check-out for CDs, DvDs, albums, individual tracks and videos, and downladable files, while exhibiting your work and your products with fully customizable displays in Flash or HTML5.

Want to use MyMuse on your personal website? Check out our subscription page and purchase a subscription to MyMuse today! Sign up for a year or six months. One subscription allows you to use MyMuse on as many domain names as you wish! Your access to updates and support is valid as long as your subscription is. Use Arboreta's ticket system for support.

The main component:

mod_mymuse_amplitude: preview songs in the player module
mod_minicart: show products in your cart

Payment plugins:

Shipping plugins:

More Plugins:

searchmymuse: include products in global search
shipping_standard: set shipping costs for first item, subsequent items
shipping_price: set shipping costs as percentage of price
mymuse_discount: give discounts by amount or percentage on up to 12 levels, based on total order or total number of products

User Plugins:
user_mymuse: add to the user's profile
user_mymusenoreg: capture what fields you want into each order without needing people to sign up for a Joomla! account.
user_redirectonlogin: redirect them to the cart. if there is one, on login


Coming Soon for MyMuse 5 for Joomla4

All modules and plugins are installed by the main package. When updating your MyMuse software, simply download the updated module or plugin.

  • Create multiple categories for your products. Assign products to multiple categories.
  • Create products for CD's, add multiple tracks for sale and other items like books, DVD's, T-Shirts.
  • Add previews for audio
  • Set up taxes and shipping rates.
  • Multiple views. Create menus for
    • The Store itself, with or without featured products.
    • All  Categories
    • Individual Categories with product listings
    • Particular products
    • The shopping cart
    • Shopper orders
    • Artists reports

MyMuse for Joomla! was created by Arboreta Internet Services, a web development company located in Montreal, Canada.
Begun by musicians, Arboreta is a company that is dedicated to bringing high-quality Joomla! software and up-to-date plug-ins to the world-wde music community.

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