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Spring Update

Spring Update!

Spring brings many changes. We dedicate this build to St. Patrick.
Com_mymuse-1.1.120107 build 388, includes several fixes and features such as

  • Fix javascript problem with Chrome browser. (didn't like the function being called 'download')
  • Now sends a mail upon order capture even if 'Pending' if 'PayOffLine' is turned on.
  • If your country has no cents there is now an option to show no cents. (We love you Chile!)
  • Fix html in category view if  picture file is not found.
  • Change the tabs into divs in admin side to get around editor/form problems with certain browsers.
  • Fix links in outgoing mails back to artists and products.
  • Post a message on screen when PayOffline is chosen, and
  • Create option for text in all emails (such as: Make cheques payable to...)
  • Tidying up the uninstall

All users should log in and get the latest version.
A special thank you to Carrie at who helped us with several of the above items.

"And what about the 2.5 version?"

Yes, well, all things in good time... just around the corner... As soon as we get past some big deadlines. No date set yet. Bit it's going to be great!

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