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Version 3.4.0 Released

We are so happy to announce the release of version 3.4.0! After many months we have integrated many new things and improved the code.

Many new features including:

  • Sell in different formats. Give your customers the choice of mp3 and wav, for example.
  • Price by product. Give one price for mp3's and another for wav's.
  • Open Graph and Twitter Cards for each product and category. Make social sharing easier.

 For storing your files, some options to give more flexibility:

  • Download Directory Type: choose between "Artist-alias/Product-alias" and "By Format"
  • Previews all in one Directory: option to put all your previews in a single directory.
  • Use Zip for All Files: instead of a list of files to download, send your customers one big zip.

 And more options for the Store:

  • Use Product alias in URL: SEF URL's will use only the top menu alias/product alias in the router.
  • Top MyMuse Menu: This will be first in URLs before your product/category alias or cart function.
  • Show Cart Previews: Show Previews for tracks in cart
  • Show Cart Player: Show the Player in the Cart
  • Notes Required: Force the customer to enter notes.
  • Disable CSS: Do not load the MyMuse CSS file. You have copied it into your main template.css or somewhere else.
  • Plugin email: Be notified by the Payment Plugin for every transaction.

Find the new version HERE. You must be logged in with a subscription to see the files. :)

MyMuse now comes with only the basic plugins. If you need more they are free and available here.

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