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Updating Older Versions CSS

By design, MyMuse updates do not overwrite your mymues.css file, in case you have made changes.

Since version 3.4.0, there is a new product view page, that uses javascript and a modal overlay to alert users that an item has been placed in the cart.

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Free MyMuseSimple Released

We are happy to announce the release of MyMuse Simple, a FREE version of the MyMuse shopping cart.

Sell your mp3 off your Joomla site!

If you are selling digital files only, or if you want to try out the functionality of MyMuse, check out the FREE version.

You can compare to the PRO version here.
See it in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Download it now.


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New Stripe Plugin

Would you like to pay with the STRIPE processor? Secure and easy to use. In the MyMuse plugin you can leave it asking for only Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and CVC, or you can add Zip, Address or Shipping fields. When you create your STRIPE account, go to the API link on the left and see your Publishable Key and Secret Key. Enter these in the MyMuse plugin.

The Publishable Key is used in the front end to create a secure Token. The modal popup communicates only with Stripe, using your Secret Key and Token. No worries about credit card data passing through your server.

Get the plugin here. It is included in the latest version of MyMuse

stripe screen

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Version 3.4.2 Released

MyMuse 3.4.2 is available here. (You need a subscription to see the files)


  • Amazon S3 code! Now using Amazon's own php API code. Compatible with new regions.
    New option in MyMuse Store to set the region.
    Rewrite all S3 functions to use new API


  • Fix routing when there are nested categories.
  • Fix zip of 'All Files' to include 'other' files like pdf's.
  • Fix mod_mymuse_latest module to use javascript from jplayer plugin



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Version 3.4.1 Released

MyMuse 3.4.1 is available here. (You need a subscription to see the files)

Always some fixes on a new release and some new additions:

  • New function to test that all files (previews and downloads) are there.
  • Fix confusion with Orderby Track and Order Track Date. Now all views have these options to set.
  • Update mod_mymuse_latest to use the artist id instead of category id.
  • Fix bug with saving AllFiles not returning to proper page.



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