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Product Items


Items are child products of the parent product you just created. First you must create an 'Attribute' that will hold a unique property for each item.
One example: we want to sell the same product in various formats such as Book, CD, cassette and DVD. We only need the one description and image but a way to choose the media.

Create a product to be the parent. Make it 'Product Physical' = 'No'.
Click on the 'Item' Tag and then 'Add Attributes'. Add an attribue called 'Media'.
Go back to the product->Items and click 'New Item'. Fill in the fields and be sure to fill in the attribute (eg: media = book)

There is a component option called "Show Items in a select dropdown" that can be set by menu item as well. All items with the same name will be shown in a select box. For example you could create the attribute color, then create 4 T-Shirt items with the attributes red, blue, green, yellow. They will show in a select box.


Column Headers

Click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value. The list will be sorted in order by that column and a sort icon will show next to the column name.

  • Ordering. Up-Down ArrowsHelp30-Ordering-colheader-icon.png User specified ordering, default is order of item creation. When active, drag and drop ordering by 'click and hold' on the bars icon Help30-Ordering-colheader-grab-bar-icon.png then 'release' in desired position.
  • Status. Published or not. You can click on the icon to change it's status.
  • Title. The title of the item.
  • Price. The price you have assigned.
  • Discount. The discount if any.
  • Attribute Name(s). The names of the attributes you have created for this product.
  • ID. The id of the item in the database


  • List Attributes. Go to screen to List Attributes.
  • Add Attributes. Create a new Attribute.
  • New Item. Create a new Item.
  • Delete Item. Select one or more item's checkboxes and delete.

 List Attributes



  • Click on the Product Title to return to the product.

Column Headings

  • Name. The name of the Attribute.
  • Product. The product it belongs to.
  • ID. The ID of the attribute in the database.


  • New. Create a new Attribute.
  • Edit. Select an attribute's checkbox and click on Edit. You can also click on the Name of the Attribute.
  • Delete. Select one or more Attributes checkboxes and Delete.

 New Attribute



  • ID. The ID. New items will have 0 until they are saved.
  • ParentID. the parent ID, the product that this attribute is assigned to.
  • Title. The title of the attribute.
  • Ordering. Set the ordering of the Attribute


  • Save. Save the item but remain on the page.
  • Save & Close. Save the item and return to the List Attributes page.
  • Save & New. Save and open a new Attribute page.
  • Cancel/Close. Return to the Product Item List page.

 New Item



  • Title. The title of the Item.
  • SKU. A unique Store Keeping Unit.
  • Price. The price for this item.
  • Discount. The current discount if any.
  • Status. Published or not.
  • Language.  The chosen language, or all.
  • ID. An internal number.
  • Item Attributes. A list of Attributes you have created.


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