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Payment Plugins

Pay Offline

You can offer the option to pay offline, and confirm the order when the payment arrives, by publishing this plugin.



  • Message: an optional message to display beside the Pay Offline button.

Payment PayPal

 Offer an option to pay at PayPal by publishing this plugin.



  • PayPal Merchant Email: your main PayPal email
  • Use PayPal Micropayments: A micropayment Account gives a better deal on small payments. If you have two accounts, one as your main PayPal and one as your Micropayment Account, choose Yes here.
  • Micropayment account email: enter your Micropayment Account email here.
  • Micropayment $ Cutoff: The top  amount that should go to the MicroPayment Account
  • PayPal use Sandbox: Test PayPal in their Sandbox.
  • Paypal Sandbox Merchant Email: Sandbox merchant email.
  • PayPal Sandbox Customer Email: Optionsl Sandbox customer email.
  • Message: A message to include in email to the customer


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