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Go to Extensions->MyMuse->Products and choose 'New'.

Here you will see the Product form.

Enter all the details of the product. You have to enter a Title. If you do not enter an alias, one will be created for you by Joomla. If you do not enter an SKU, one will be created based on the alias and id number of the product.

Choose images for the listing pages and for the individual product pages. These are referred to as List Image and Detail Image.

Optional: enter information for Release Date, Full Time, Country, Publisher, Producer and Studio.

Created by, modified by, start and finish publishing.

Enter metadata information.

Go the 'Tracks' tab next and start adding tracks. You can set the price, discount and so on for each track.

To use FTP to upload your tracks:

  1. Upload main tracks to your download directory. The default is images/mymuse/downloads/mp3
  2. Upload preview tracks to your preview directory. The default is images/mymuse/previews



You can create a special track called "All Tracks". This will create a product that, when purchased and paid for, expands to list all the tracks of the product. It can have its own price and discount.
You can also upload a zip of all yoru tracks in one file and sell thta as another track.


Product List Help Screen. Product Edit Help Screen. Tracks Help Screen.



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