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Store and Featured Products

MyMuse Store View uses the files in /components/com_mymuse/views:

  • /store/tmpl/default.xml
  • /store/tmpl/default.php
  • /store/tmpl/default_item.php
  • /store/tmpl/default_links.php
  • /store/tmpl/default_message.php
  • /store/tmpl/default_downloads.php

store plus featured


The Store View comes with the following option in administration:

featured product options


The options are:

  • Show All Products: show the featured products or not.
  • Show Product Image: show or hide the product "list" image.
  • Product Image Height: force the image to be this height. Do not enter 'px'.
  • Show Intro Text: show or hide the intro text.
  • Link titles: link the title to the product page.
  • # Leading Products: number of leading products.
  • # Intro Products: number of intro products.
  • # Columns: the number of columns for the intro products.
  • # Links: number of links to show.
  • Multi Column Order: across or down
  • Category Order: though you are only showing products, they can be sorted first by the category (Artist).
  • Product Order: the sort order of the products. 
  • Date for Ordering: if you chose a date for ordering (Most Recent or Oldest First) choose the date field that should be used. 
  • Pagination: show or hide pagination.
  • Pagination Results: show or hide pagination results ex. 'Page 1 of 4'

The Store View also comes with Product Options. These are for the Single Product pages that the links lead to. Please see 'Single product'

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