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Coupons New/Edit

How to Access

  • Select Extensions → MyMuse→Coupons from the drop-down menu of the Joomla! Administrator Panel.
  • Click the Coupons link in the submenu
  • Click the New icon in the toolbar.

To edit an existing Coupon,  click the Coupon's check box and then click the 'Edit' button. 


This is the back-end screen where you can add and edit Coupons. 


MyMuse Coupon Edit   Administration



  • ID: Assigned by Joomla.
  • Title: The title will appear on orders.
  • Coupon Code: The code the customer must enter in.
  • Coupon Type: Per Order or Per Product.
  • Product: If Type is per Product, select the product.
  • Status: Published or unpublished.
  • Coupon Value: A number.
  • Currency: Force the currency of the coupon.
  • Value Type: Apply a Percentage or a Flat Rate.
  • Maximum Uses: Total times this coupon can be used.
  • Maximum uses per user: Total times one user can use this coupon.
  • Valid From: Date the coupon will be valid from.
  • Expires on: Date the coupon expires.




  • Save:
  • Save & Close:
  • Save & New:
  • Close/Cancel:
  • Help: Opens this help screen.
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