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Welcome Screen

Go to Extensions->MyMuse


MyMuse Welcome   Administration

Version - Live Update

  • MyMuse uses Live Update to download newer versions. You must enter your username and password for the MyMuse site in the Options screen to receive the updates.



  • Add Sample Data: This will create five Categories, "MyMuse" as a top level, "Artists"  with "Iron Brew" under that, and "Genres" with "World Music" under that. Then it will create a product with two tracks with previews. It fetches the previews and images from the server. Your PHP version needs cURL for this to work.

  • Store: opens the Edit Store screen.
  • Plugins/User Plugins: opens list screens for MyMuse plugins or User Plugins

  • Parameters/Options. Look over the Options for the component by clicking on "Options" in the top right corner. These can be overridden by Menu options. 

  • Categories: opens the List screen for MyMuse Categories.
  • Products/Albums: opens the List screen for MyMuse products.
  • Taxes: opens the List screen for MyMuse taxes.
  • Create Menus: opens the list screen for Menus.
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