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Shipping Plugins

Shipping Standard

plugin shipping standard options


  • Free Shipping: set a price so that shipping is free after that price.
  • Translate names as language strings: The Ship Carrier Name and Ship Method Name will be translated. You will have to include the translations in the plugins language files. For example



Options: Set up to three different shipping choices to present the customer. Each one has the following options.

  • Active: Yes/No.
  • Ship Carrier Name: example - Fedex.
  • Ship Method Name: example - Ground
  • Ship Handling Charge: Charge for the first item.
  • Ship Additional Charge: Charges for each additional item.
  • Ship to ALL countries: Yes or No. If no, then this shipping method is only for the countries listed below. If Yes, then countries listed below will be EXEPTIONS (All countries EXCEPT the ones below)
  • Countries: choose which countries to ship to or NOT ship to for this method.


Shipping Price


Options: Charge a percentage of the total or a fixed amount, when the price falls between different ranges.
Up to 12 ranges per shipper..

  • Apply by: amount/percent. Shipping will be an amount per option or a percentage of the cart total per option
  • Mimimum1: Define ranges for the cart total. Ex: 0 - 100
  • Maximum1: Top of a range. Up to 12 ranges.

Shippers: define up to 8 Shippers.

plugin shipping price shipper


  • Ship Carrier Name: The name of the shipper. Ex. UPS
  • Ship method Name: The name of te method. Ex. Overnight
  • Active: Yes or No
  • Ship to all countries: Yes or No. If No, only apply to the countries below. If Yes, apply to all countries EXCEPT the ones listed below.
  • Countries: Countries to ship to, or NOT ship to with this Shipper.
  • PerCent/Amount 1: The percentage or amount to charge for this range.
  • PerCent/Amount 2 ... 12: Up to 12 ranges per shipper.


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