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The Reports Page

How to Access

Click on 'Reports' in the 'Components->MyMuse' menu in the back-end of your Joomla! installation.




  • Order Status. Choose one of Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled, Shipped, Invalid to filter on that status.
  • Category. Choose one of your categories to filter on that category.
  • Start Date - End Date. Choose a period by selecting a start date and end date.
  • Create Report. Create a report based on your filters.


Order Summary

  • Total of Orders. Total orders in current report.
  • Total SubTotal. Total subtotals in current report.
  • Total Shipping. Total shipping in current report.
  • Total Discounts. Total Discounts in current report.
  • Total Taxes. Total taxes in current report.


Items Summary

  • Product. The name of the item sold.
  • Artist. Synonym for Category.
  • Number sold. the numver sold in current report.
  • Total Sales. Total Sales in current report.
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