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Category Options

All the category views in MyMuse, inlcuding "List All Categories", "Category plus Product Blog", "Category plus Products in a List" have the option sections "Category" and "Shared Options".

The views "Categories by Alphabet" and "List of Tracks" have a limited sets of "Category" options.

The "Shared Options" apply to Alphabet, Blog and List types of Category menus.


Category Options


category options 

The options tab "Category" has the following options:

  • Category Title: Show/hide the Category title. The title is usually displayed inside an "H2" tag.
  • Category Description: Show or hide the description of the selected Category.
  • Category Image: Show or hide the image of the selected Category.
  • Image Height: Height for category images.
  • Subcategory Levels: Maximum number of levels of subcategories to show.
  • Number of Columns: The number of colums to show.
  • Empty Categories: If Show, empty categories will display. A category is only empty - if it has no items or subcategories.
  • No Products Message: If Show, the message 'There are no products in this category' will display when there are no products in the category and 'Empty Categories' is set to show.
  • Show Subcat Image: Show/Hide the subcategory's image.
  • Subcategories Descriptions: Show/Hide the subcategory's descriptions.
  • Truncate Description: Maximum number of Characters to show in description.
  • Show Product Count: If Show, the number of products in the category will show.
  • Page Subheading: Optional text to show as a subheading.
  • Show All Products: Show/Hide all products.
  • Show Product Image: Show/Hide product images.
  • Product Image height: Height for product images on listing pages.
  • Show Intro Text: Show/Hide Intro Text.
  • Link titles: On Products, link title to product detail page.

Shared Options

category shared options

Shared Options include:

    • Category Order: Sort order for Categories. Called 'primary_ordering' in the code, May be one of:
      • No Order
      • Title Alphabetical
      • Title Reverse Alphabetical
      • Category Manager Order

Product Order

    : Sort order of products if shown. Called 'secondary_ordering' in the code. May be one of
    • Most Recent First
    • Oldest First
    • Title Alphabetical
    • Title Reverse Alphabetical
    • Author Alphabetical
    • Author Reverse Alphabetical
    • Most Hits
    • Least Hits
    • Most Sales
    • Discount
    • Reverse Discount
    • Product Manager Order
  • Date for Ordering: If sorting on Most Recent or Oldest,  choose which date is to be used:
    • Created
    • Modified
    • Published
    • Release Date
  • Pagination: Show/Hide pagination
  • Pagination Results: Show/Hide pagination results: example "Page 1 of 4"


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