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Help with Amazon S3

For us to help debug problems with Amazon S3, you can make a user for your account and send us the details.


You can manage users in a number of ways:

Simple user and Policy:

Log in to your AWS Management Console.
Under 'Services' Choose 'IAM'.
On the left menu choose 'Users'.
Create a New User. Make note of their username and Access keys.
Click on the user's name to bring up the user's details.
Scroll down to 'Manage Password'. Add a password and make note of it.

Under Permissions click 'Attach User Policy'.
Using 'Select Policy Template' scroll down to 'Amazon S3 Read Only Access' (or 'Amazon S3 Full Access') and select.
On the next screen, showing the policy, at the bottom right click 'Apply Policy'.

On the left menu choose Details. You should see a list of user sign in links.

Send us the sign-in link, username and password.
For us to be able to access S3 from a third party cloud browser, more convenient for us,  send the access keys.

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