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What Views/Menus are Available?

MyMuse for Joomla comes with several views. Developers can edit these.
Before editing, copy the views into your template as discussed here.

When creating menus you can choose from the following under MyMuse:


Go to Menus->Main Menu (or some other menu)

Create a New menu (or edit an existing one) and to the right of Menu Item Type click Select. A modal window pops up.



Under MyMuse there are nine menu types

  • Category plus List of Tracks by Artist
  • Category plus Products in a Blog Layout
  • Category plus Products in a List
  • List All MyMuse Categories
  • List My Orders
  • Sales Reports for Artists
  • Shopping Cart
  • Single Product
  • Store and Featured Products


Store and Featured Products

Show the description you have entered in Components->MyMuse->Store and optionally products you have marked as Featured in a Blog format.
Page showing Menu Options.

 store and featured products


List All MyMuse Categories

This is based on the Joomla: Articles List All Categories menu type. If you have no menu pointing to individual categories or products, this menu will set the options for individual categories and products, otherwise, the specific menu will take precedance. To choose whether to show categories with products in a Blog or List manner, go to Components->MyMuse, open the Options modal window and select Category Pages. there you can set the default Layout to Default (List type) or Blog.

Please see the Options page for a description of the menu options. 


all categories 

Category plus List of Tracks by Artist       

Show a list of tracks under a specific Category, ordered by Artist. There is an optional Alphabet Chooser at the top.

 category plus tracks

Category plus Products in a Blog Layout       

Show selected details regarding your Category and optionally a list of products in a Blog format.

 category plus products in a blog


Category plus Products in a List      

Show selected details regarding your Category and optionally a list of products in a List format.


category plus products in a list 

Single Product

Show the details of a single product. 


  menu single


Shopping Cart

Show a page with the contents of the cart. It is good to have a menu item Shopping Cart so the client can get back to the cart if they navigate away from the store pages.

 shopping cart


List My Orders

Show a user their past orders.

 list my orders


Sales Reports for Artists

Show a sales report to an individual. Not accessible by the public. Also see the article Sales Reports to see how to set this up.

 my sales




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