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Menu Sales Report for Artist

Sales Report for Artist View uses the following files in components/com_mymuse/views/reports/tmpl/:

  • default.xml
  • default.php
  • default_no_auth.php

Read more on managing Sales Reports for Artists.


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You can filter the reports on:

  • Order Status: Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled, Shipped, Invalid.
  • Category: A select drop down will appear if there are sub-categories.
  • Start Date: Optionalk start date of report.
  • End Date: Optional end date of report.

Order Summary

  • Total number of orders: Total orders that this artist (these artists) had products in.
  • Total Subtotals: Total of all order subtotals.
  • Total Shipping: Total of all shipping in these orders.
  • Total Discounts: Total Discounts in these orders.
  • Totals for taxes:Totals of any taxes paid in these orders.

NOTE: Totals are for the complete ORDER, which may include other artists products. If Shopper Discounts are used, they are totaled here and reflected iin the Item Summary below.

Items Summary

  • Product: each product that has been sold in the above found orders.
  • Artist: The Artist/Category the product is assigned to.
  • Number Sold: Number sold in the above orders.
  • Total Sales: Totals sales in the above orders.
  • Total Artists: The cut to the artist. The percentage is set in administrator, Components->MyMuse->Store->Sales Reports for Artists options.

NOTE: If a product is sold to a shopper with a Shopepr Group discount, the discounted price is recorded for the sale.



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