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The Shopping Cart View uses the following files in components/com_mymuse/views/cart/tmpl/

  • cart.xml
  • cart.php
  • cart_cart.php (new in version 3.3.0)
  • cart_checkout_footer.php
  • cart_checkout_header.php
  • cart_coupon.php
  • cart_empty.php
  • cart_next_form.php
  • cart_order_summary.php
  • cart_payment_form.php
  • cart_shipping form.php
  • cart_shopper_info.php

The Shopping Cart

shopping cart

In the standard Shopping Cart there are five possible actions:

  • Change Quanties and click Update Cart.
  • Delete an item from the Cart.
  • Clear the Cart
  • Checkout
  • Continue Shopping. This link can be set in Administrator: Components/MyMuse->Store: Store Options.

Shopping Cart After Login

shopping cart after login

After login there are additional options:

  • Enter a coupon: If you have coupons enabled in Administrator: Components/MyMuse->Store: Store Options, this link will appear.
  • If there is a shopper group discount the total will become: Original Total, Shopping Group Discount xx%
  • New Subtotal
  • If there are taxes they will be calculated

Shopping Cart with Coupon

shopping cart after coupon

Additional action:

  • Enter a coupon and click Submit

Shopping Cart After Click Checkout

If you have shipping turned on, and the customer has chosen a physical item, they will be presented with the cart with shipping form.

shopping cart after checkout

Additional action:

  • Choose shipping method and click confirm.

Shopping Cart After Confirm

shopping cart after confirm


Additional Actions:

  • Choose payment method from ones presented. Any payment plugin for MyMuse that is eneabled will present a button here.


Shopping Cart Order with Download Page

If there are any downloadables, the order page will include the download page. An email with the same information is sent to the customer.

shopping cart order with download


The Download Page

The Download Page View uses the file from components/com_mymuse/views/store/default_downloads.php

shopping cart downloads


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