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Menu Category plus Products in a List

Category plus Products in a List View uses the files in /components/com_mymuse/views:

  • /category/tmpl/default.xml
  • /category/tmpl/default.php
  • /category/tmpl/default_children.php (for sub-categories)
  • /category/tmpl/default_products.php (for products)


Category plus Products in a List View example:

category plus products in a list


Category products in a list category options1

Category products in a list category options2

These Options apply when viewing the Category Plus Products in a List Page. When clicking through to a Product, consult the Product Options.

The options are:

  • Category Title: Show/hide category Title.
  • Category Description:Show/hide  category description.
  • Category Image: Show/hide  category image.
  • Image Height: Force the height of the category image.
  • Subcategory Levels: Number of subcategory levels to show.
  • Number of Columns: Number of columns for the subcategory display.
  • Empty Categories: Show/hide  empty categories.
  • No Products Message: Show/hide message if there are no products.
  • Show Subcat Image: Show/hide subcategory images'
  • Subcategories Descriptions: Show/hide subcategory descriptions.
  • Truncate Description: set limit for description in characters.
  • Show Product Count: Show/hide product count.
  • Page Subheading: Show a subheading below. or instead of, the category title
  • Show All Products: Show/hide products.
  • Show Product Image: Show/hide product images.
  • Product Image Height: Force the product image height.
  • Show Intro Text: Show/hide product introtext.
  • Link Titles: Link product titles to single pages.


Category products in a list shared options

The options are:

  • Category Order: set the order if more than one category.
  • Product Order: Set the product Order.
  • Date for Ordering: If Order is by date, choose which one.
  • Pagination: Show/hide Pagination
  • Pagination Results: Show/hise results (ex: 1 of 5).


Category products in a list list options


The options are:

  • Display Select: Show select box for number of items per page.
  • Filter Field: Show filter Field for search. Filter on one of Title, Author, Hits.
  • Table Headings: Show/Hide the table header.
  • Show Date Column: Show/hide a date column. Choose the date type on the Shared Options tab.
  • Date Format: Enter a date format. The default is found in language/en-GB/en-GB.ini: DATE_FORMAT_LC3="d F Y"
  • Show Hits Column: Show/hide hits column.
  • Show Price Column: Show/hide Price Column.
  • Show Discount Column: Show/hide Discount Column.
  • Show Author in List: Show/hide Author column.
  • Show Sales Column: Show/hide Sales column.
  • # products to List: Starting number per page.

 There is also a PRODUCT OPTIONS tab. See the Products Page.

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